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HolisticLiving, Well-Being & Aligning to your Divine NewEarth Soul Path

Namaste & Welcome to your  

Lemurian advanced Soul Path Alignment © 

LaSPA© Align to your NewEarth Soul Mission & paradigm.

Align to your Holistic & Metaphysical Well-Being. DNA upgrades and new chakra alignments to take us into 2020 & beyond. Align to your Lemurian Soul frequency with light language & divine light codes. Using Lemurian Angel Reiki crystals, sound and colour enjoy LaSPA© Keys Therapy.

*Please be sure to book ahead as places are limited on the above classes. Email Dee on [email protected]



                         Lemurian advanced Soul Path Alignment WellBeing Keys ©


We are entering NewEarth a New Paradigm is emerging (The OneSong!)

To help us All to THRIVE in cooperation with one another, with our Organic Mother Earth & with Our Soul Path missions. 

For this we need to tune into this new frequency and help fully birth it into a higher vibrational New Earth.  You can start to live this now with every thought word and action.

Are you here to help facilitate living in harmony - In Joy - In Loving Kindness to All life (including your unique self!) ?Bringing Peace of Mind & Heart to allow you to see your own AMAZING POTENTIAL..

Activate your new chakras and codes with light language, sound colour crystals and Lemurian Angel Reiki frequency.

YOU HAVE AN IMPORTANT ROLE TO PLAY IN THIS BEAUTIFUL WORLD, EMBRACE IT TODAY with a light joyful heart..! Blissful blessings Dee x


We've been providing inspirational and empowering Workshops, Meditations, Holistic Therapies for over 16 years. We have been teaching about Auras, Chakras, Angels, Masters, Unicorns, Lemurian Angel attunements, Elementals, Meditation, Soul Path Alignment, Angel Oracle Reading and Holistic Well-Being.

Soul Temple Academy is evolving and Dee The Angel Aura Medicine Lady will now be offering LaSPA Keys meditations, Therapies, consultations and programs. (An online program is being developed)

Our Aim is to inspire & empower others to live in harmony with their true essence and NewEarth Soul Path - to align to your soul path is of highest service to yourself and the world. Your resistance to this alignment is the root of all your problems. Connecting with your Soul and Eternal True Self, brings clarity, peace and satisfaction, which in turn brings the healing peace and love which you will radiate to those around you naturally.  What world are you dreaming of co-creating.


  At the beginning of 2015 Dee qualified to give advice on natural nutrition, as this has always been another of her passions from being a child. On Facebook there is a group that you can interact with others and get support with HOLISTIC LIVING plus things like staying in balance, loosing weight, balancing your blood sugars as well as talks and classes in your area on Nutrition, Tai Chi, Meditation and Aura Health. Friend Dee at Soul Temple or look on Soul Temple Academy on Facebook to be connected to the group 

Important Daily Gratitude Affirmation  



(Bring hands together in front of heart and feel the joy of these words)                                                                                     

Lemurian advanced Soul Path Alignment Coaching Align with your soul purpose & guides. Find your Soul Origins, Soul Colours numerology, life lessons and any perceived blocks getting in the way. Let go of the past and cut the cords that no longer serve you. Let go of being ill at ease and un-ease in the body mind and emotions. Become a healthy aligned version of you. 

 Each LaSPA keys session lasts an hour & includes light language to activate your DNA & dormant light codes. Lemurian Angel Reiki to re align & re calibrate your chakras to the NewEarth frequency. Sound Colour and Crystal activations and a Lemurain guidance reading includes the steps needed for you to integrate and start living a high vibe service life. 

                                                                                        De-stress, balance, and open to the joy in your life, body and being. Learn how to breathe ease and light energy into your cells to feel revitalise anytime. Be Empowered and Embrace Your Potential, connect with your higher guidance, ancient knowledge and holistic teachings... Bookings for LaSPA Keys therapy will start from April 2020


A Little about colour

We are passionate about Colourful harmonic, holistic living and love sharing our knowledge and experience with you! Below is how Holistic Colour, Sound energy and our environments affects us in brief...

                                               Your life and surroundings are a reflection of you. Your thoughts and mood affect your life and what YOU create in it, the colour & sound around you affect your thoughts, moods, aura and chakra system, and colour how you react. Noticing these connections and learning to read the signs, when you are becoming out of balance, leads to a better management of your health and Well-Being.                                                                                                                   Experience how colour, sound affect you and how you colour your life. Find out why they are important. to you..! You are invited to learn how to colour your life and health by bringing in the colours, sounds, energies and vitality that are right for you... Learn to change your frequency and control your thoughts and way of seeing your life creation. Experience a New Way of looking, feeling and sensing your world...

  Everyone is uniquely different, and has a unique frequency or soul signature. We are therefore not only unique in looks but in vibration, your Auric Field is made up of different colours and vibration that are personal to you. Put together with your thoughts, perceptions and personality, and Soul Vibration, this adds up to make, your own uniquely created energy signature...! We have forgotten what powerful co-creators we are.... When we are resonating in harmony, balance and alignment to our Soul's purpose, this energy keeps the cells of your body healthy and strong. Getting to know and understanding you and your body at a deeper level means getting to know and listening to your changing colours and vibrations.                                                   

                                                  There are many ways you can Maintain this balance, or bring yourself back to center after a trauma or illness and so keep yourself healthy in a number of ways which make up the holistic approach of looking at the whole being and life style, rather than concentrating on an individual part or problem. The answers are more simple than you imagine...! 

                           The 1st and most obvious part is to eat healthy and get plenty of gentle exercise! Good wholesome clean, food and water. We believe this includes organic chemical free, none GM, food that are unprocessed... Using ancient breathing techniques We cover much more on feeding your chakras in our workshops. 

     A beautiful way to start your day is the ancient Chinese traditional Tai Chi or Qi Gong this wonderful gentle exercise and meditation. The simple to learn moving meditation we teach can be done at home in as little as 10 mins per session. Tai Chi and meditation help us to Integrate calmness and joy into your life, and bring balance at energetic, mental and physical levels...! It is essential is to learn to relax, truly relax...! The type of relaxing that brings a nice BIG GRIN, to your face...!! akin to sinking into a warm fragrant bubble bath or what ever your most enjoyable thing is... It is sooo important for well-being to do What you truely love...!         Techniques taught in meditation and tai chi are the first step to true relaxation and ease of body, muscles and mind. When your body and mind are deeply relaxed you not only de-stress but your body starts to becomes at ease with itself. Regular meditation has proved not only to de-stress, but to help people cope with daily frustrations and problems more easily.(problems don't wind you up the same and seem to just gently breeze or wash over you) You are able to attain clear solutions, from a higher perspective because you are detached and relaxed. All this can help prevent disease in the body and mind. The word disease can be interpreted as dis-ease, your body and being not being at ease with itself or surroundings. Acceptance is another great gift that comes from meditation. Meditation can also help regain and enhance the focus and memory that stress can take away.                                  

Whether you are just starting out and want to learn more, or if you are in need of support during times of stress, health or extra responsibility in life we can help with or recommend a therapy, consultation, coaching, lifestyle change or course. We can even help Train you to help others... 


      'Thank you for your aura colour reading, it was brilliant, you have a wonderfully warm approach.' Lesley, June 2011 - for more testimonials please see the bottom of the info page

'Life's an ever unfolding place of learning . I believe we are here to bring peace, Love and knowledge to ourselves and others, developing on our spiritual journey. This is done with development of compassion, ever deepening and higher levels of love for firstly for our own physical cloak and then for all life. We need to remember we are perfect love, and a perfect, unique expression of the Divine. It is a fascinating and beautiful journey, which is a delight when experienced and understood from a higher perspective. Life begins to make more sense, we see more of life's synchronicity which bring more smiles of understanding and joy. Our potential is beyond our imagination, let it unfold naturally and allow yourself to be.

Bring peace to your heart and harmony to your life, then let this naturally radiate out to all you meet.'

Align to your highest potential through your heart s true joy... your heart connects you to your higher Self and your souls higher will ... Be the Love you are and spread Joy.

Namaste Dee x

Venue Locations & Therapy Rooms for 2016

Our main venues are tranquil spaces with beautiful energies. We use the beautiful spaces at the Serephina Centre in Ashton. Healthy Spirit in Didsbury, and we now use Centric Consulting Rooms in Sale replacing the now closed Haigh Lea venue in Sale. All venues are within easy access from the motor way and have good tram/train and bus service. On arrival into Didsbury, Sale and Ashton all tram stations are only a short 10-15 minute walk away from the Venues, and the train station is a 5min walk from our Stockport venue. Please see link below for Centric Rooms, maps and more details of the venues. ( We ask that you book all therapies and events via email one week or more in advance to allow for arrangements involved. Namaste ) - [email protected] or go to our Contact Us page

Healthy Spirit - www.healthy-spirit.com

Centric - www.centricconsultingrooms.com

Seraphina Centre - www.seraphinacentre.wordpress.com

Click below to look at what we offer

Venue & Therapy Room Pictures



EVENTS 2010-2015

See below for the MBS events we exhibit at so far...

Our Previous events at MBS events from 2010 to 2014 throughout Manchester and Stockport. We love doing MBS events and our popular talks and workshops are always fun and well received. This year we are taking a break from these events to concentrate on developing other holistic products tools, meditation CDs and music to help provide information on developing and maintaining harmonious living with Mother Earth.

* Please note         The Monastery in Gorton is closing for MBS events with BSSK to enable more restoration to be carried out over the next 2 years. Fingers crossed they will re-start in 2017... In the meantime the nearest BSSK event will be at Chester Race Course.

We will let you know when we will be next exhibiting again and which local events we will be at.

Our next MBS event will be City Spirit MBS in Worsley on Sunday 18th October. Look out for Our stand - We are sharing with Julie Silver, the vitality fairy! We will both be doing talks. And I will have my meditaion CDs products taster sessions and Angel Aura readings...

Blue Pyramid Holistic Festival on Sunday 6th September at Ellesmere Sports Club in Worsley Manchester.

The Event starts at 10am - 4pm. Entrance is £3 - We will have a stall with colour therapy and EMF protection gifts as well as my new Meditation CDs. Our 30 min free talk at 12noon will be Chakra balancing Evolution and will focus on how we can integrate changes, empower ourselves, stay balanced and healthy in these times of energetic change.

See training events & info page for dates of current meditation. We hold regular guided meditation classes - Booking essential - please check for availability, location and current times by dropping us an email.  

See below for Moving & Seated Meditation information

  • Soul Rainbow Bliss Tai Chi © - A unique lead moving meditation using, a simple to follow form of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, simple yoga exercises to open up your meridians, breathing and meditation techniques that gets your chi-energy moving from the first session. Class is an hour and a half of relaxation and harmony... This moving meditation session invites in your presence & soul self Embraces your resonate colours and sounds... Encourages you to Breathe deeply, the energy of Universal Joy and Unconditional Love...! The flow of movement and Chi energy, opens up your Chakras and meridians, allowing Relaxation, so you can Feel the equilibrium of your amazing being come into balance. Opening you up to Live you life through all that inspires your heart... Re-Learn to Be the Divine Love you are
  • *Sound and Colour Breathing - Using sound (from live singing bowls or other recorded sound and music) and high vibrational colours and crystals most suited to you. We balance your energetic being and Chakras, bringing peace, healing and relaxation. The lead meditation starts with the choosing of an angel or soul and colour oracle card. The messages and colour chosen can then be used as your focus in the meditation.
  • Peace & Oneness meditation - Guiding you into meditation through visualization, to connect to the core of your being and to All That Is... there is then about a 20 - 40 min period of silent meditation (often blissful self realisation) before you are guided back, to share your experience with the group if you wish. Once we have been in this connected blissful space, We are then guided in a Peace meditation that is sent out into the world, areas of conflict and into your life or where ever else you would like to send peace to. Meditation Class is 1 hour 30 minutes

Times: 7.30pm - 9pm

(Advanced booking essential please email to book on [email protected] NAMASTE

Energy Exchange: - £8 per session

One to One meditation tutoring available on request £33 per hour


Some of the Testimonials and comments collected from over the last 10 years...


- 'You are a very good teacher, I got a lot more than I thought I would from your Angel Oracle Training Day' AJ August 2013

- 'You have opened my eyes to a whole new world, I cant wait to know more!' - Mark Mini Aura Workshop April 13

- ' Thank you for your Aura talk, I look forward to coming on your next workshop ' - Mary April 2013

- 'Just to let you know how much I got from your Aura Workshop, you answered, questions, that I had on my mind for a while. Trish Aprll 2013


- 'I thought you were the best talk at Gorton Monastery' - Jean Oct 2012

- 'I really enjoyed your Aura Talk at The Monastery' - Sarah October 2012

- 'Fabulous talk, I learned a lot and it was fun!' Jan Oct 2012

- 'Dee's Aura talk was excellent, she is a very interesting lady' - Bob Oct 2012

-'Thank you so much for your excellent Angel Reading and advice yesterday, I think it was one of the best I've ever had. You are very psychic, and very wise. I knew it was true, because, they are thoughts I had had myself. Thanks once more for the reading. It was a very pleasant experience.' - Ajuna, Sent via text April 2012


- 'Thank you for your aura colour reading, It was brilliant, you have a wonderfully warm approach.' Lesley, sent via text June 2011


- 'Thank you so much for your Angel Reiki treatments, I feel I have safely made a firm connection to my Angel and guides' - S 2010


- 'I am enjoying the Reiki Training with you. You are an excellent teacher, I have gained a lot, and cant wait for the next level! I want to be as knowledgeable as you'. Anonymous 2009

- 'I look forward to your meditations each week' in 2009


-'Wonderful meditation group, thank you for all your help' Anne 2007


- 'Fantastic Angel Awareness Day, me and my friends had a wonderful day and went home feeling light as feathers!' F 2005


- 'I so look forward to coming for your wonderful Reiki Facials each month' K 2004

- 'I love the Reiki Training Day with you, it has changed my life! I am practising each day and dont want to put my manual down! I read and absorb more each time, its like a bible to me! lol So much info...!'

I haven't been able to find all the feedback forms I have had over the years just a small selection so far...

If you have been on one of my many workshops classes, meditations or had any therapy or reading you would like to feed back on, they are always welcome! Please click email to [email protected] or use the customer submission form on this website.


With Love and Thanks to all the above, and anyone who has attended over the years....

It is a pleasure to share knowledge and positive energy with you all.

And as many lightworkers will echo, I am so glad you, benefit and enjoy receiving , as much as I delight in giving...! Dee x

For further information on therapies etc

Go to our contact us pageor email - [email protected]

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    ...The Art of Compassion is taking Delight in giving & receiving to All Life, that which is most needed now....  Dee 

Develop your own unique expression & Unconditional Love, Peace & Knowledge each moment & Create a better You, every day... Open your Earth Angel Wings and follow your heart... every moment...    Dee

Thank you for visiting &Enjoy your Day


Dee BSYa Ad Col

The Angel Aura Medicine Lady is a Reiki Master in Usui, Angel Reiki, Mer Reiki, Soul & Soul Mate Reiki and Rainbow Unicorn Soul Healing. A colour therapist who works with and teaches about the Angelic & Master realms to a Soul Level and beyond, Accredited with The Diana Cooper Foundation. ASoul Path Alignment Coach who is passionate about holistic and harmonious living. Dee is now qualified to give natural nutrition advice, to encompass her life passion for organic foods, superfoods and natural vitamins.