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Lemurian Soul Path Alignment, Coaching & Meditations in Didsbury & Manchestert UK & online.


HolisticLiving, Well-Being & Aligning to your Divine NewEarth Soul Path

New Earth Living Alignment Therapy Prices and Tools

Products Therapies and tools for you day to day Holistic and Metaphysical Higher WellBeing

           Natural - Pure -Organic -

Earth Friendly - Eco Ethical

We aim to bring you Products and Therapies that meet our high standards of Thriving with Integrity! We check how ethical and community minded the companies, products & foods we use ourselves. 

True Holistic & Metaphysical Living that brings Joy to your heart and Wellness to All of your Beingness

Working with Mother Nature and Mother Earth to create Peaceful Co-operation & Heart Based living.


Nutritionist for Nobal Naturals
The Health Factory



Our Therapies & Consultations

Dee & Daniel are available for therapies on Clinic Days. From April 2016, Clinic Days change to Fridays between 10am & 4pm Saturdays between 11am & 5pm Sundays between 3pm & 5pm at Centric Consulting Rooms in Sale

Holistic & Metaphysical Well-Being Therapies & Consultations - Soul Path Alignment Coaching - Brings you what you need to bring you into alignment with your Soul's Guidance - and uses a combination of the tools and therapies mentioned below. All tailored to your individual requirements. 

  • Angel/Colour Reading
Angel cards are picked, while Dee tunes in to your angel and higher light guides, to give you gentle and uplifting Angel guidance, channeled from the higher Angelic realms. The Angels, show you your highest possibilities, encouraging you to follow your heart and live to your highest potential. Dee Half hour £33 1 hour £44
  • Rainbow Unicorn Soul Therapy (Life path guidance and healing)
                           This combination of Guidance Reading and Unicorn Healing, connects you to your Unicorn/s and your Soul purpose. During the reading and healing Dee channels through the Rainbow Unicorn energy, aligned with the Christ Consciousness. They bring in the energy of clarity, direction and harmony connecting you to your Souls current mission on your divine life path. Dee 1 hour £55

Angel Rainbow Therapy

A combination of Angel Reading, Lemurian Angel Reiki / Lemurian Unicorn soul  alignment and Colour Therapy. Colour Therapy and Angel Reiki Bring balance and remove blockages and negativity from your energy system, cleansing your aura and allowing you to be open to healing. Then in the uplifting Angel Guidance reading the Angels encourage you to open your heart and guide you to your highest potential. - Dee 1 hour £55


Details of our other consultants coming soon...

Please email for further details of becoming an independent Soul Temple Consultant and advertising your services here - [email protected]

Wonderful Products to buy through links below.

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Relaxing Meditations

Guided Angel, Ascension and Chakra Meditation CDs 

*Heart Chakra - Guiding Voice and soothing music £10 +pp

*Guided Oneness Meditation - Voice guides you into meditation with instructions, gentle music plays while you connect for 20mins then you are guided out again.

Guiding you to meet your inner being and connecting you to Mother Earth and All That Is. £10+pp


If you would like to purchase any of the above please email to order or check item is in stock. on

[email protected]

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More recommended products to buy...


Yoga Wear

  • Hand painted yoga clothes
  • Hand painted yoga wraps
  • Hand painted yoga mats and bags
  • Yoga Chakra Incense

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